Fact sheet: coloured asphalt

What is coloured asphalt?

For many years colour choice in asphalts and macadam was limited to black, dark red and dark green. Colour choice was restricted by the manufacturing process, which consisted of adding pigments to conventional asphalt where the binder was black bitumen.

Because of this, colours tended to be dull and somewhat variable.

The development of clear binders now allows production of asphalts in a wide range of colours (from subtle buffs to vibrant reds, blues and greens) without compromise to the durability of the surface.

Where is it used?

  • Play Areas

  • Tourist attractions

  • Residential Drives and Footpaths

  • Public Highway (for aesthetic appeal and safety demarcation)

Where do I get it?

Martin Cowman Ltd are approved installers for quality coloured asphalts including:

  • Lafarge/Tarmac’s “Ulticolour” range

  • Aggregate industries’ “Supercolour Ultra” Products

  • Bituchem’s “Natratex” and “Colourtex” materials.

Martin Cowman Ltd are qualified approved installers of all these materials & would be happy to help you with any enquiries you may have.

Contact: Estimating@cowman.co.uk or alternatively call 01664 424840.

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